Band of the Week - Tired Radio

Published on 8 March 2021 at 13:47

Tired Radio is Anthony Truzzolino and Anthony Truzzolino is Tired Radio. The band and the man are inseparable as each, in some part, defines the other. But Tired Radio is far more than a simple one man band and it isn’t just a solo project put together by a self-confessed professional cry baby. Tired Radio is the place where Anthony’s songs, dreams, hopes and ambitions soar. Tired Radio is where everything that Anthony is musically, with a little help from his friends, lives. 

A bruising, melodic journey down the paths less travelled, Patterns, Tired Radio’s debut album, infuses volume, power and infectious choruses with the energy, independence and autonomy of punk rock to deliver blue collar, Americana flavoured anthem after anthem after anthem. 

Patterns is where the moments that shaped Anthony’s life, and the Tired Radio songs those moments inspired, have found a home.  So turn on, tune in and turn it up. Welcome to Tired Radio…

Tired Radio are: Anthony Truzzolino, vocals and guitar, Ryan Barnes, guitar, Jason St Angelo, Bass and Kevin Daly, drums.

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